Current stock list.

I will try to update this page on a regular basis to reflect the current stock position.  Please take a look at the gallery below and give me a call or email me if you need a picture of any item which is listed. I am always making puppets and props so if what you want is not listed below the chances are that I am probably working on it!​​
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Update on 8th December 2018

In stock at the moment I have the items in the gallery above and more, including:

Mr Punch x 4
Judy x 4
Policeman x 3
Crocodile x 3
Joey the clown x 4
Monkey x 2
Doctor x 4
Baby x 4
Broken baby plus giant UHU x 2
Health and safety man x 2
Ghost x 2
Skeleton , glow in the dark x 2
Santa x 1
Boxers x 1 pair
Devil x 2

Sausage machine x 2
 Falling stocks x 1
Swazzles, slapsticks and sausages x plenty
Next show clock x 1

Feel free to ask for additional photos.